Corporate Strategy Overview

Our Clients

We work with a broad range of asset managers spanning public and private markets and asset classes. These include managers of private assets (private equity, private debt, real assets), hedge funds, public equity and fixed income managers, active and passive. Asset and wealth management clients range in size from start-ups to the largest global firms. We also serve the parent organizations of asset and wealth managers, including banks, insurers and diverse financial companies.

Our Practice

Our assignments include business strategy, market and channel entry, distribution strategy, organizational development, new product development, investment process enhancement and M&A due diligence.

Global Expertise

Indefi’s expertise and assignments reflect the global nature of the investment management industry. Indefi partners have experience in all major European markets, North America, Latin America, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East.

Why Indefi?

Indefi is focused on building better asset managers. We bring deep practical expertise, long-term alignment with clients, and a data-driven approach. Clients benefit from senior, tenured partners who have spent most of their careers dedicated to the asset management industry.

ESG - Sustainability

Since 2011, Indefi has been a pioneer in advising asset managers on ESG and sustainability strategies. We are committed to pursuing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and are proud to be a PRI signatory.

ESG and sustainability inform all of our work. We have an Sustainable-dedicated practice with specialists in this space, helping our clients design and implement their strategy, monitor portfolios and assess investment opportunities.