January 2018
2018 French Institutional Market Research

50+ institutional investors attended the presentation of INDEFI’s 2018 French Institutional Market Research.

December 2017
Forum for Responsible Investing

Emmanuel Parmentier shared key takeaways from the first “French Article 173” reporting exercise at the Forum for Responsible Investing.

November 2017
Journée Nationale des Investisseurs

Richard Bruyère hosted the panel “Private financing of public infrastructures for the common good – Myth or reality ?” at the 2017 edition of the Journée Nationale des Investisseurs.

November 2017
Investors and Climate change Conference

INDEFI participated in the “Investors and Climate change” conference. Invited speakers discussed best practices in climate risk assessment and initial responses to the French Article 173.

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October 2017
Global Invest Forum 2017

INDEFI introduced five panels of experts at the Global Invest Forum 2017 in Paris.

September 2017
PRI in person 2017

INDEFI hosted a panel on climate strategy and reporting at the leading global conference on responsible investment, PRI in Person.

June 2017
FundForum International

INDEFI hosted three panels of experts at the FundForum International in Berlin

April 2017
Paroles d’experts – BlackRock

Richard Bruyère spoke at BlackRock’s Conference “Experts Discuss Innovative Multi-asset Strategies”.

October 2016
Richard Bruyère at the Schroder ILS Symposium

Richard Bruyère moderated the “Investor perspective” roundtable at the Schroder ILS Symposium.

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