January 2021
INDEFI regards n°11 – January 2021






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July 2020
INDEFI Regards n°10 – July 2020

Infrastructure: the spearhead of resilience


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February 2020
INDEFI Regards n°9 – January 2020

The rise of Impact Investing

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July 2019
INDEFI Regards n°8 – June 2019

Loi Pacte: the open act of the pension system “BIG BANG”

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February 2019
INDEFI Regards n°7 – January 2019

Digital transformation in Private Equity

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July 2018
INDEFI Regards n°6 – June 2018

Financing the Energy Transition

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January 2018
INDEFI Regards n°5 – January 2018

Private assets: The challenge of retail distribution

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July 2017
INDEFI Regards n°4 – June 2017

Asset management: A new frontier for private equity

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January 2017
INDEFI Regards n°3 – January 2017

Digital strategy for asset managers and financial investors

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