October 2020
Asset News article on Richard Bruyère’s participation to the GIF event


Check out the video of Richard Bruyère’s interview


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October 2020
NewsManagers article on Agnès Lossi’s participation to the GIF event


Article published in Newsmanagers on key takeaways from the Global Invest Forum workshop on Thematic investing with Agnès Lossi.

September 2020
CFNews interview of Emmanuel Parmentier in the Annuaire ESG 2020


Emmanuel Parmentier shares his view on how the Covid-19 crisis has impacted sustainability practices of investors.

August 2020
Asset management after covid 19: Irreversible change or back to where we left off?


Article published by the CFA Institute on INDEFI’s thinking of the impact of the pandemic on the asset management industry.


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June 2020
Les Echos Capital Finance interview with Emmanuel Parmentier


Emmanuel Parmentier discusses the increasing awareness of investors on sustainability following the Covid-19 crisis.


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May 2020
dnp interview with Christina Böck
Christina Böck talks about the prerequisites needed to win Single Family Offices as clients for Asset managers.
March 2020
CFNEWS interview with Agnès Lossi

Agnès Lossi provides more key insights into INDEFI’s “Baromètre Insitutionnels”: private assets remained on the rise in 2019.

February 2020
L’Agefi Hebdo interview with Agnès Lossi

Agnes Lossi shared insights into INDEFI’s “Baromètre Institutionnels” in l’Agefi Hebdo: the shift towards unit-linked investments and the retail client boom.

November 2019
Dutch pension funds – from passive to active management

Article published in the Financial Times highlighting the key takeaways from INDEFI’s research on the Dutch pension fund market.