March 2019
Agnès Lossi comments the review of Solvability 2 in Instit Invest

Interview with Agnès Lossi in Instit Invest on the review of Solvability 2 and its benefits for the insurance industry.

December 2018
INDEFI/EGAMO ESG research in Les Echos

INDEFI was entrusted by EGAMO to conduct a research on the dialogue between investors and companies on ESG/CSR

December 2018
Richard Bruyère interview in les Echos

Richard Bruyère was interviewed by Les Echos about institutional investors’ ESG and climate reporting.

February 2018
Richard Bruyère interview in Variances

Richard Bruyère shared his insights about key trends in the infrastructure investment market.

September 2017
Fund Selection Units 2017

INDEFI’s research on Fund Selection Units was featured by NEWSManagers

September 2017
Agnès Lossi interview in Distrib Invest

Agnès Lossi discussed the key takeaways of INDEFI’s latest market research “Fund Selection Units 2017”.

September 2017
Directory Book of ESG 2017

INDEFI is pleased to share the 2nd edition of CF News’ ESG private equity directory, which represents a step towards greater transparency in the French private equity industry.

May 2017
Spain ‘fastest ­growing fund market’ in Europe

INDEFI’s latest research on Spain was featured in Ignites Europe.

February 2017
Emmanuel Parmentier answers to CFNews

Emmanuel Parmentier interview in CFNews – Discover Emmanuel Parmentier’s interview in the February 2017 issue.