Why work at INDEFI?

At INDEFI, our people are our biggest strength

Empowering entrepreneurialism is the foundation of our continued success. Each team member is tasked with improving our business and the way we serve clients, questioning existing norms, and challenging our leaders.

Team members have unique professional development opportunities.  This includes working in close collaboration with key executives at our clients, debating findings and recommendations with the C-suite, and guiding thought leadership.

Join our team

Because of who we are

Mission: As consultants we are solely focused on providing strategic advice. We advise C-level executives on their most critical issues to help them make better decisions and build sustainable success.

Expertise: We are renowned for our unparalleled knowledge of the investment management industry. We work for tier-1 asset managers and private asset investors across European markets.

Teamwork: Our partners are operationally involved in all projects, every step of the way. Our steep learning curve gives consultants the opportunity to reach their highest potential in a rewarding environment.

Convictions: We partner with our clients to offer true results that will make a difference. We are always straight to the point and tell the truth as we see it.

Corporate culture: We thrive on taking on challenges. We set the highest quality standards for ourselves, and believe in leading by example.


Because of what you can become with us

INDEFI has been built on the belief that our business is about being permanently challenged. Our consultants demonstrate a willingness to work outside their comfort zone. We will expect no less from you.

This comes with the highest standards of requirement, varied intellectual challenges, complex problem-solving situations, and high-level client exposure.

INDEFI is a true meritocracy. We encourage ownership and will support you to grow professionally at your own pace.

Our entrepreneurial mind-set offers long term personal development opportunities to consultants in a “get things done” environment.

If you are ready to rise up to the challenge, INDEFI will offer you an exceptional place to learn, grow and thrive.

Engagement Manager
We actively participate in building a sustainable company

In 2016, after 5 years as Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) analyst and several meaningful projects alongside INDEFI for Private Equity clients, I decided to jump completely into the consulting world and joined the company.

The quality of the deliverables, the dynamics of the ESG approach of European investors and the always challenging environment make my job positively fascinating and enjoyable. ESG is a fast-growing market and all market players have a lot of work to provide before they fully grasp all its possibilities. It is within INDEFI’s culture to leverage our capabilities to their fullest and challenge us to reach the quality and global understanding required to stay ahead of the curve and be a point of reference for our clients. Therefore, I know I will never get bored in my job as INDEFI will help me get the most out of this fast-changing environment and, as a result, the most out of myself.

While I am climbing this road, INDEFI is strengthening its roots and provides employees with good working conditions, relevant activities and inclusive opportunities. We actively participate in building a sustainable company and I believe this is a key element of a well-rounded professional career.

Clémence DROIN
Clémence DROIN
Engagement Manager
INDEFI’s management has always been very supportive in helping me assume greater responsibilities

I joined INDEFI six years ago after three years in investment banking. I was attracted by the company’s value proposition to clients and its entrepreneurial spirit. During my first years, I was able to participate in a wide range of projects where I improved my knowledge, honed my consulting skills and gained confidence. I am now an engagement manager and have day-to-day contacts with clients and market experts and lead a team of consultants on several projects.

INDEFI’s management has always been very supportive in helping me assume greater responsibilities and progress as a senior strategy consultant.

INDEFI is growing at a rapid pace and our international expansion offers large perspectives to develop our talents.

The opportunity to focus more on the strategic aspect of consulting

When I joined INDEFI, now four years ago, I was particularly inspired by the opportunity to focus more on the strategic aspect of consulting. My work on multiple projects has enabled me to develop a true understanding of the issues faced by the senior leadership of the companies that I have worked for. On a daily basis I help address those topics which matter most to our clients. They do not merely rely on us for a thorough, fact-based analysis but also value our understanding and tend to see us as a long-term partner in their decision making.

By working at INDEFI, drilling down into detail and subsequently putting things into perspective, I have developed a real grasp of what is at stake in a range of industries and markets, how they differ and what lessons can be applied to new sectors. It feels like this experience will continue to feed itself and make me grow as a professional. It is this ongoing learning experience which I find really stimulating and it never ceases to motivate me to pursue my path at INDEFI.

Engagement Manager
The personal growth opportunity makes INDEFI stand out

At INDEFI, I get to work on intellectually challenging projects in a very friendly and collaborative work atmosphere. We are focused on “pure” strategy topics, with short assignments resulting in pragmatic recommendations for top-tier clients.

Every consultant is given responsibilities from day one in the firm, and finds himself participating in business growth and cultural evolution, together with a young team of smart people.

If I had to put my finger on one thing, it is the personal growth opportunity which makes INDEFI stand out.

Our recruitment process

We carefully review all applications received.
If selected, you will be invited to attend several rounds of interviews.

Our selection process is structured to ensure long term fit between you and us.

You will go through several rounds of interviews, usually:

  • 5 to 7 interviews for full time positions with senior consultants, managers and partners
  • 2 to 4 interviews for internships

Interviews rely on two pillars: case interviews and experience interviews.
We genuinely want to get to know you and give you a real understanding of who we are.

Beyond your work and study experience, we are looking for the following qualities:

  • Intellectual curiosity
  • Entrepreneurial drive
  • Problem solving and analytical skills
  • Collaborative spirit
  • Fluent English is essential, additional languages are a plus